Southern Building Show 2010 - Exchange Program
Builder Exchange Program

The Southern Building Show has transitioned into the series of Builder Exchange Events. The Builder Exchange is a forum that allows suppliers and home builders a more direct, personal, and cost–effective way to connect, network and develop long-lasting business relationships without the costs and hassles of a trade show.

For suppliers, the Builder Exchange provides a more direct and personal way to reach real decision–makers. For home builders, the event provides a more efficient way to discover, evaluate, and choose the building products and suppliers with the best solutions.

Click here for the Builder Exchange website.

Builders Attend Free

Uniquely qualified builders attend at absolutely no cost for participation, housing or even travel. To learn more about the builders attending the Builder Exchange, please click here.

Suppliers - Guaranteed Appointments and Unlimited Networking Opportunities

Suppliers pay a surprisingly low fee for personal access to their best prospects: a small fraction of what lead development typically costs. If you would like to participate in the Builder Exchange, you must be pre-approved. Please click here to learn more about how to participate in the event.